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Aberdeen Brake Repair & Replacement

Aberdeen Brake Services & Repairs

How often should you replace car brakes?

Generally, car brakes come with a service life of up to 20,000-30,000 miles. However, you might have to opt for brake pad replacement sooner than you anticipated due to premature brake pad damage – caused by stop-start driving and regular heavy braking.

Some factors that contribute to faulty brakes are:

Number of miles driven
The load carried by a vehicle
Frequency of braking while driving
Type of brake pads

Did you know? Semi-metallic and ceramic brake pads last longer than low-metallic or organic variants.

Signs of brake problems

Screeching noises while braking : If the brake pads are worn-out, you will hear screeching or squeaking noises coming from the disc brake rotors. Unfortunately, brake pads are one of the components that cannot be repaired and should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid any mishap. We recommend driving down to our facility immediately for OE grade spares from trusted manufacturers.

The vehicle drifts directionally : Another common symptom of faulty brakes is that your car veers to a side when you apply the brakes. Additionally, you may see that the braking distance has increased significantly, increasing the risk of accidents.

Unusual vibrations : If you feel abnormal vibrations on pressing the brake lever, it is an indicator of warped brake pads. This distortion usually happens due to improper dissipation of heat away from brake pads, which can damage the brake discs in the long run as well.